Welcome to luscious and malicious imagery.

Between myself and the creators of this small company we aim to let you furfil your most wicked and sinful desires.

If you have any special requests you can message myself or my team, or comment on any post and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you want to direct message myself you can reach our company instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cruelintentionsfordays/

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About Us

At lucious & malicious imagery we enjoy writing and reading erotica. As the co founder of this small company we hope to give the public a chance to explore, embrace their sexuality  and figure out what it means to them.

I started to write erotica when i was below the legal age to read it as a means of finding out if my fixation on women was more than admiration for their beauty. Through constant researching, writing and guidance from my brother i was able to come out to my parents as someone who isn’t straight. Without this company I would not be where i am today or confident enough in myself to express the words i could never say out loud. Help from my business partners and friends here has given me the strength to fight for who I love and those who love me.  However I will admit it has taught me a few tricks in the bedroom too (which is an added bonus).

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If you wish to contact me or my team for requests, suggestions or just to talk. If you want to have your name annoymous just type in john or jane doe. You feeling comfortable is important to us.